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My name is Deborah Wüst. I am a Cambridge Certified CLIL coach and certified teacher in Bilingual Education (Cambridge International program). Being an active teacher myself, I know from first-hand experience how tremendously effective CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) can be in the bilingual / TTO classroom. However, I have struggled through the same issues experienced by many other TTO teachers, with questions such as: How do I combine teaching content with language and how far do I go with that? Which CLIL activities do I choose and when? How do I give proper feedback on language? How do I integrate educational technology (Smartboards, iPads, smartphones and laptops) in an effective and useful way?

Throughout my career, I have worked with many bilingual classes of different levels, at different TTO schools in the Netherlands. I know the ins and outs, the ups and downs and the practical solutions to many CLIL issues from first-hand experience. I combine many years of CLIL training with even more years of CLIL teaching experience. I love the integration of 21st Century skills and educational technology with CLIL activities and I have made it my specialty.

I give professional workshops and trainings for primary and secondary education teachers and others in the field of education. I work with teachers and teacher-trainers in CLIL as well as educational technology. My workshops are always held on-site, in schools and other educational institutions, as part of professional development and inservice training.

As a CLIL coach and educational consultant, my training and coaching style can be qualified as realistic, clear and personal, with immediate and practical applications for the classroom.

I look forward to meeting you! Let’s ‘CLILify’ our classrooms!


CLIL Coach / Educational Consultant / Biology teacher


Schools and organisations I have worked with:

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2 thoughts on “Home – about me

  1. HI Deborah! I have been following your Facebook page since last year – thank you for sharing your website. Are any of your training courses online? I reside and work in Australia and have undergone CLIL training from the Universita’ di Venezia with Prof. Coonan and Serragiotto which was delivered online.
    CLILis gaining momentum here in Australia with two universities offering CLIL training.
    I would like to keep in touch with you and exchange info, resources….thanks again


    • Hi Sharon! Thank you for your message! I am sorry to tell you that my courses are not (yet) online. It would be lovely to keep in touch and share resources and other information! In the meantime, please feel free to visit my YURLs page which has a large collection of online CLIL resources: http://www.deborahwust.yurls.net (click on ‘All Things CLIL’).
      Best wishes,


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