A video about valuable CLIL Skills: Learn the difference between s k i n n y questions and FAT questions! Learn the difference between LOTS and HOTS (Lower Order Thinking Skills and Higher Order Thinking Skills). Let’s CLILify ourselves!  

Introduction to CLIL

Are you new to the bilingual classroom, new to CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), new to TTO (TweeTalig Onderwijs)? In this video I give a short introduction to what CLIL is and what it focuses on. The four main themes in a CLIL classroom are Content, Communication, Cognition and Culture: the 4 C’s.


I created this video as an introduction to my workshop about CLIL and ICT / Educational Technology: my favourite topic! This particular workshop was created for an inservice training for teachers from China.  

CLIL for Digital Natives

I made this video as an intro for one of my workshops, for teachers from Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (SUIBE). This was an inservice teacher training that combined CLIL with educational technology (ICT) called “CLIL for Digital Natives”. A Digital Native is someone who was born into the ‘digital age’, who has … Continue reading CLIL for Digital Natives

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