Okay everyone, you can use your iPads to make notes!

  • When you ask your students to “make notes with their iPads”, this is probably not what you mean (see picture) ;-)!
    There are many great apps which will help your students make and collect notes about any lesson you teach. Some apps will even let them create different digital notebooks (complete with personalized covers) for every subject they have. They can add pictures, photos (no, not of the whiteboard!), videos and more to their notes.
    If you would like to take note-taking to the next level and makte the activity even more engaging, try some CLIL techniques which involve Think-Pair-Share, guided note-taking, mindmappping and gap-filling, just to name a few. Add scaffolding to the mix and students will learn not only your lesson, they will learn a life-long skill!
    Would you like to learn some CLIL/iPad note-taking activities that work? Contact me for information about iPad and CLIL workshops for TTO/Bilingual schools!

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